Copperhead Resources seeks to provide creative and flexible solutions to monetize mineral and royalty interests across the United States.

Unlock the Value of your Mineral and Royalty Rights

Sell Your Minerals.

Our team is on standby to value your minerals, answer questions, make an offer, and closes, all within 30 business days. Our company seeks to serve as the bridge between unlocking the value of your mineral rights and allowing you to achieve financial goals. If you are interested in hearing more about selling your mineral rights, call or email us today.

Lease Your Minerals.

Our team can explore the option of leasing your mineral rights. Leasing is location specific, but can potentially open up a future revenue stream for you through oil and gas production. If you are interested in hearing more about leasing your mineral rights, call or email us today.

Where we Operate.

We are currently focused on the Permian Basin and Haynesville region of Texas and Louisiana, but are willing to evaluate minerals wherever they may be located.

About Us.

Copperhead Resources is a Midland, Texas based minerals acquisition group that seeks to invest in mineral rights across the country. Founded in 2012, our company was born from the shared passion for oil and gas investment between two friends. Today, with three established offices, our company growth is a testament to our steadfast commitment and innovative approach. We strive to come alongside mineral owners and unlock the value of their mineral and royalty assets.


Copperhead Resources utilizes unparalleled expertise and strategic guidance to identify both short-term and long-term opportunities for mineral and royalty investment. We seek to understand the wants and needs of mineral owners to determine the property monetization strategy for the owner. Our nimble team works efficiently to value mineral rights and close deals quickly, often within 30 days. With investments made across the country, we have the experience to accurately value your mineral rights, no matter where they are located. Our goal is to provide a simple and comfortable process for mineral and royalty owners looking to sell their interests.

Contact Us.

Interested in selling or leasing your mineral rights? Fill out the form below and one of our associates will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

P.O. Box 8355, Midland, Texas 79708



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